The Magic of Marketplaces with Colin Gardiner

Most of our time on this show has been spent looking at B2B SaaS companies. Where we have not spent much time at all, until today, is on marketplaces.
The person to change that, and our guest on this episode, is Colin Gardiner. Colin is unique because he has led both Product and Revenue teams at marketplaces like Roamly, Outdoorsy, and, and today he puts that expertise to work as both an advisor and investor in all things marketplaces.
In our conversation, Colin teaches me about 4 different types of marketplaces, what market place liquidity is and how to create it, and if you stick around until the end, you’ll get to hear why he thinks learning economics is the most tried and true way for you all to evaluate the world.
Want to work with Colin? Click here to learn more about him or work with him on your marketplace.
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