Udemy Reduces Planning Time from Months to Weeks

How Fullcast helped Udemy reduce planning time from months to weeks using one integrated platform.

The Company

Udemy is an online open-source learning and teaching marketplace with over 155,000 courses and 40 million students. Users can learn valuable skills like programming, marketing, data science and more, without ever leaving their homes.

Noah Marks

Former VP of Revenue Operations at Udemy

“If you know the risks involved in annual planning and you fully understand what Fullcast provides, it’s the easiest purchase you’ll ever make.”

The Challenge

To create a stronger foundation for critical decision-making, Udemy needed to optimize Salesforce for the current GTM cycle while also working to achieve a smoother annual planning strategy.

“If fundamentally, your business doesn’t have accuracy in its data and the way it’s constructed, everything else on top of that is going to be wrong,” says Noah Marks, VP of Revenue Operations.

In addition to having questions about data integrity, Udemy was bogged down by the overwhelming task of performing GTM and territory planning in Excel—a task that can take several months when executed manually. They needed a way to streamline the process without simply adding yet another tool to their RevOps stack.

The Strategy

Fullcast helped Udemy solve their planning challenges by providing:

Streamlined Territory Planning

By providing a valuable alternative to pivot tables and spreadsheets, Fullcast has revolutionized how Udemy approaches territory management. Instead of taking months to run scenario planning and optimize their strategy, the Udemy team was able to build out their territory plan in a matter of weeks. In addition, Fullcast’s agility now enables the Udemy sales team to update their territory segmentation plan whenever necessary, instead of waiting until the next annual meeting. This allows them to stay on top of real-time changes in the field and adapt their GTM as needed.

Real Salesforce Integration

While most RevOps tools lay on top of Salesforce to fill gaps for different use cases, Fullcast is integrated as a core component. Cutting down on these extra tools can prevent tech fatigue and eliminate opportunities for software failure. Instead of purchasing new tools to layer over Salesforce as needed, Fullcast’s Salesforce automation enables Udemy to simplify operations and work from a single source of truth.

Faster Growth Opportunities

Before adopting Fullcast to optimize revenue operations, the Udemy team was forced to make critical strategic decisions based on data that could not be checked for accuracy. With Fullcast’s automated data cleansing policies in place, the team can plan the future of their organization with confidence knowing that they’re basing their decisions on clean, accurate data.