When “Good Enough” is Good Enough at Early Stage Companies with Taft Love

It’s really tricky at an early stage company to know whether that new thing you’re building, that new process, that new report, that new piece of infrastructure is “good enough.”

Should you just solve the immediate problem or do you need a solution that can withstand multiple years worth of changes in the business? Sometimes, according to our guest today, “good enough” is good enough.

That guest is Taft Love, Founder of Iceberg RevOps, a revenue operations agency, and the Head of Inside Sales at Dropbox. From his own experience at 5 unicorns and from his work with may early stage companies at Iceberg, Taft is a wealth of information about what early stage companies actually need and what is just noise.

In our conversation, he teaches me why preparing for scale can get in the way of actually scaling, how to arrive at the MVP of the metrics you actually need to run your business, and why data is always accurate, if not always trustworthy.

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