Navigating from Start-up to Scale-up with LinkSquares’ Tim Parilla

One of the most interesting inflection points in a company’s evolution is when it becomes abundantly clear to everyone on the team that it’s time to transition from scrappy start-up to scale-up.

Our guest on this episode, Tim Parilla, also loves this inflection point, and as you’ll soon see from our conversation, he thrives in it. Tim is the Chief Legal Officer at LinkSquares, the contract lifecycle management platform valued at over $800M. Prior to LinkSqures, Tim spent 7 years at DraftKings helping them navigate this same evolution.

In our conversation, Tim teaches us about the functions that need to be created from scratch during this inflection point, we talk about how employee career growth can keep pace with company growth, and he breaks down why non-GTM functions should be held to the same data standard as their sales and marketing counterparts.

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