Udemy Partners with Fullcast to Refine GTM Operations Year-Round

Udemy’s partnership with Fullcast resulted in a B2C feel for a B2B motion.

Results Snapshot

Udemy leverages Fullcast to continually refine GTM execution. In a recent quarter-over-quarter comparison, the company saw the following improvements:


decrease in the number of rerouted leads


decrease in the number of leads without best-matched accounts

Increase from 82% to 86% success in meeting SLAs for lead response time

The Company

As a leader in professional education, Udemy has evolved from an online marketplace to a leading SaaS provider in the educational space via Udemy for Business. Over the last five years, it has experienced 10X growth in both revenue and the size of its sales organization. There are five key sales segments, consisting of over 300 sales reps and over 80 business development roles.

Vincent Lee

GTM Operations Manager at Udemy

“We’ve been seeing a lot of positive reactions from sales leaders when they have questions around why a lead was routed the way it was.”

The Challenge

“Before we implemented Fullcast, Udemy was running lead routing via LeanData,” says Vincent Lee, GTM operations manager. As Udemy began to outgrow this approach, the need for meaningful territory segmentation became obvious. Before Fullcast, Udemy’s tremendous growth challenged the sales ops team to establish strategic criteria for segmentation and equitable assignment.

Since implementing Fullcast for territory planning, eliminating spreadsheet-driven processes, and addressing data integrity issues, Udemy has continued to refine its use of Fullcast to tame the complexity of agile go-to-market planning and operations.

The Strategy

Fullcast SmartPlan

Udemy uses the Fullcast platform to bring together multiple teams and arms of the business in a collaborative GTM planning and operations process. The sales strategy team collaborates with sales leaders to define market segmentation lines. The sales ops team is then able to leverage Fullcast to carve territories.

Robust Policies

To streamline its operations, Udemy uses several types of Fullcast policies to automate aspects of its GTM motion. These include lead-to-account matching, lead routing, and service-level agreements (SLAs), also known as Speed2Lead. This powerful combination of policies gives Udemy multiple dimensions to orchestrate its interactions between reps and leads.

Ongoing Agility

With the number and diversity of policies, there is a potential for ongoing management to consume significant team bandwidth. As the company has grown, Fullcast has given its operations the agility to keep pace with changes in strategy. The way Fullcast integrates with Salesforce means the ops team can make changes without development resources, eliminating the need to go through sprint cycles.


46% Decrease in Rerouted Leads

At any given time, the GTM ops team at Udemy is working to refine its processes. Fullcast gives it the flexibility to tweak various levers to optimize effectiveness. In a recent quarter, the team implemented three changes that resulted in quick improvements in key metrics. Taken as a whole, these improvements reveal the way Udemy is able to personalize its interactions with leads, balancing a sophisticated approach to market segmentation and business strategy with a customer-centric approach to interactions with leads.

32% Decrease in Leads without Best-Matched Accounts

Although Udemy optimizes lead routing for person-to-person interaction, it still needs to be able to correctly identify what company a lead is associated with. To do this, it uses Fullcast’s Best-Match Account policy logic to tweak parameters for “Fuzzy Matching.” Doing this allowed Udemy to utilize the parameters that it found to be most accurate and feed them into the lead-to-account matching policy.

86% Success Rate in Meeting SLAs for Lead Response Time

While understanding the particulars of your leads is an important part of automating assignments, it’s also important to be able to fine-tune things on the reps’ side. Fullcast’s SLA policy factors in both holidays and individual reps’ working hours. Lead-routing policies allow them to take into account a number of factors, including vacation schedules and languages. These are critical features in an increasingly remote and global workforce.