Fullcast Announces New Leadership and $34 Million in Capital to Redefine RevOps, Beginning with Territory Management.

Transform your business with our AI-enabled territory management solution to maximize sales performance and streamline operations.

Our Capabilities

Territory Management

Build and scale territories that maximize RevOps efficiency and sales productivity.

Quota Management

Easily plan quotas and targets and keep them aligned with your GTM plan.


Automatically route leads in alignment with your GTM plans.

Data Hygiene

Clean your data as it’s collected.


Plan and execute coverage and sales capacity planning.

Performance Measurement

Track performance, act on insights, and automatically push changes.

Design Your Plan from a Single Source of Truth

Define go-to-market policies and functionality, collaborate with teammates, and set up data tracking for a more efficient planning process.

Implement Prebuilt Policies and Automate Tasks

Ensure that your Salesforce operations are always synced with your GTM strategy by enabling automated policy implementation and task execution.

Optimize and Build Your Sales Operations

Perform intricate “what if” planning and deploy your optimized scenario models directly to Salesforce with a single click of a button.

Source, Analyze, and Execute on Prescrubbed Data

Configure custom control panels to track KPIs and make changes in the field while keeping stakeholders in the loop with their own dashboards.


What Our Customers Say About

Efficient Management

“I would argue that without a tool like Fullcast, you cannot efficiently manage a collaborative territory planning process for an organization of any scale. . . . With Fullcast, we’re trading internal meeting time for customer-facing time.”

Clay Blanchard
VP of Sales Operations, Collibra

It Truly Made My Life Easier

“What I really like about Fullcast is the ease of use and the simplicity of the platform, and the fact that it is integrated fully with Salesforce. We decided to use Fullcast for the full go-to-market process in terms of not just account assignments, not just the territory mapping, etc., but also the routing piece. It truly made my life easier and my team’s life easier.”

Christine Dorrion
Former VP Global Revenue Operations and Enablement, Degreed

“Our Sales Operations team alone would need to double in size and manage all of the above in spreadhseets if we didn’t have Fullcast.”

Ben S.

“The product is flexible and reliable. The best part of Fullcast, which sets them apart from their competitors are their people. They feel like an extension of our business. They are responsive and take care of our needs just like someone who is on the internal team.”

Nicole L.

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