Fullcast allows users to perform internal forecasting and plan balanced GTM strategies by creating capacity models to define roles and manage assignments wherever you need them most.

Iterable Case Study: Equitable Territory Planning with Fullcast

With the goal of segmenting territories equitably among sales reps, Fullcast helped Iterable create a process to optimize sales planning and increase productivity.

Get Access to Valuable, Clean Salesforce Data

It doesn’t matter how much data your sales CRM collects if the info it gathers is incorrect or incomplete. With Fullcast, your team can implement policies that will increase data hygiene and allow you to make decisions based on valid, actionable insights.

Increase and Maintain Data Accuracy

Maintain accuracy so data can be used for its intended purposes while minimizing the need for external cleansing and admin work.

Capture and Use Data Correctly

Ensure that you’re recording and using data consistently and in compliance with relevant requirements, rules, and definitions.

Improve Collection Processes

Gather data in consistent, stable collection processes while adding clarifying documentation anytime there’s a need for deviation.

Gather and Act on Data Quickly

Capture data quickly and efficiently through policy-driven automation and access it for its intended use with the click of a button.

Ensure that Data Is Complete and Valid

Identify and highlight incomplete or invalid records so you’re aware of issues within the system without putting your data on the line.

Organize Accounts According to Industry Taxonomy

Classify your account data according to the industry in which your clients operate. View industry data in a variety of custom charts or broken down within a geographical map.

Keep Your Data Clean by Eliminating Duplicate Accounts

The first step to a cleaner data pool is to eliminate any duplicate accounts that might be floating around. Fullcast detects and deletes any duplicates the software comes across before they skew your data.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my plans, models, etc. with colleagues for collaboration?

Yes! Since Fullcast is cloud-based, it’s super easy to share all of your plans and data with whomever you choose. No more digging through your files for the right spreadsheet—it’s all there on the Fullcast platform.

Will my data and strategy information be secure with Fullcast?

Your data and confidential company strategies will always be completely safe with Fullcast. We take our clients’ security very seriously, and we’ll always take whatever precautions necessary to ensure that your data remains safe.

Do I need any additional software to integrate with Salesforce?

Nope! It’s easy to connect Fullcast to your existing Salesforce accounts (or any of our current integration partners). Just follow the guidelines provided in the platform and contact the Fullcast team if you run into any issues along the way.

How long will it take for changes to translate from Fullcast to Salesforce?

Any changes you make in the Fullcast platform will be pushed to Salesforce instantaneously. No waiting for spreadsheet updates or uploads—just the information you need as soon as you need it.

Can I assign territories based on nongeographic criteria?

You can assign territories based on any firmographics that make sense for your business. Geographic location is just one of the many criteria you can use to sort and assign territories. You can also assign territories based on size, industry, budget, and more.

Will changes in Salesforce (sales, pipeline changes, etc.) be reflected back to Fullcast automatically?

Yes! Two-way integration means that any changes that occur within Salesforce will also be sent to Fullcast, so you can plan your strategy with confidence, knowing that you’re working with the most up-to-date sales data possible.