Fullcast Forward: $34 million in Funding and New Leadership Will Modernize RevOps and Transform Territory Management

Embarking on a journey of innovation and growth, Fullcast’s dynamic new leadership team is on a mission to redefine the landscape of sales territory management and revenue operations.

Meet Fullcast – the cutting-edge, end-to-end platform empowering companies to revolutionize their personalized approach to designing, managing, and tracking the performance of their revenue-generating teams.  

“We will become the first integrated RevOps platform for the entire Customer 360 journey,” said Fullcast CEO and co-founder Ryan Westwood, who in 2021 was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Utah Business CEO of the Year, and one of the top CEOs in America for Women by Comparably

In this era of rapid technological evolution, companies must leverage powerful and intuitive platforms to stay ahead of the competition. Fullcast meets and exceeds these expectations, providing a seamless and integrated RevOps solution that empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented efficiency, transparency, and success.

As an industry, RevOps is expecting a decade of rapid growth,” Westwood said. “We feel now is the perfect time to become fully invested in pushing the industry forward and tapping into that tremendous growth potential. We’ve been fortunate enough to build a few successful businesses, and we’re looking forward to doing it again in the revenue operations space. Our investors share our optimism to make that happen.”

Fullcast enables companies to build better territories and win more deals through four strategic, game-changing benefits that take the guesswork out of data-driven territory management: 

  1. Maximize Revenue: Create territories in days, not months. Prevent revenue from being lost while reps wait for territory assignments.
  2. Optimize Revenue: Optimize territory management by products, regions and industries. Optimize revenue and territory sizes and better retain sales reps.
  3. Improve Productivity: Make changes in real-time when sales reps or managers attrit or have a role change. Maximize productivity by quickly reallocating quotas and territories.
  4. Increase Revenue: Boost revenue and sales productivity with Copilot for RevOps® by obtaining AI-powered actionable insights and recommendations.

As we delve into the capabilities and features that make Fullcast stand out, it becomes evident that this platform is not just a tool but a strategic asset for companies aiming to thrive in the dynamic world of modern business. 

Around 77% of leading sales organizations plan to equip their sales teams with sales intelligence tools. 

An essential part of that decision means partnering with RevOps services experts who understand the complexities of territory management and recognize the strategic advantages of using a centralized AI-backed platform that captures real-time data. 

“Companies spend billions each year cobbling sales and marketing tools together into jimmy-rigged go-to-market tech stacks that don’t really work,” said Kent Madsen, co-founder and managing partner of Epic Ventures and a major Fullcast investor. “Fullcast is an excellent go-to-market sales platform that integrates both planning and execution functions of the sales motion, giving us confidence it has an unlimited ceiling for immediate and long-term growth in this space.” 

It’s no coincidence that Forbes has dubbed RevOps the fastest-growing job in America “because growing a business in 2023 is a digital, data-driven, and technology-enabled team sport.” 

However, responding to that trend means companies need to partner with a company they can trust to provide consistent and qualified support during a company’s immediate and future ventures. 

Madsen describes Westwood’s track record, the incoming leadership team at Fullcast, outstanding product, and current conditions in the territory management industry as an exciting combination for another successful venture. 

Westwood has assembled an accomplished leadership team at Fullcast, with a C Suite spearheaded by leaders who worked with him at Simplus. Joining Westwood as cofounders at the new Fullcast are Chief Operating Officer Isaac Westwood, Chief Marketing Officer Amy Cook, and Chief Commercial Officer Lance Evanson. The company’s cofounders are personally investing $8 million in the round.

“I couldn’t imagine embarking on this Fullcast journey without this team’s expertise and enthusiasm, as well as the support of our lead investor, Kent Madsen,” Westwood said. “Nobody believes in entrepreneurs more than Kent does, and it shows in Kent and Nick Efstratis’s track record as VCs at Epic. I’m also looking forward to partnering with original Fullcast co-founders Dharmesh and Bala, who bring technical prowess and an obsession for the customer.”

Dharmesh Singh and Bala Balabaskaran remain on board as Chief Customer Officer and Chief Product Officer, respectively, to maintain complete continuity moving forward.

Singh and Balabaskaran worked together previously at Salesforce, where Balabaskaran led the first effort to automate planning and operations activities with exceptional results, allowing the company to add 3X the sales personnel without requiring additional ops support.

Navigating the intricacies of revenue optimization is a challenge for businesses. Fullcast is here as an innovative solution, providing a complete set of tools to enhance every facet of the revenue generation process. 

Be part of the revolution – adopt Fullcast and unleash the complete potential of your revenue operations. Learn more at fullcast.com.


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Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.