Copilot for RevOps®


RevOps teams rely on Fullcast Copilot to plan smarter, execute better, and turn their GTM strategy into reality.

Copilot’s intelligent automation revolutionizes revenue team productivity, ensuring that every team member is delivering growth.

“If you are looking for best-in-class GTM planning practices distilled into a single platform, then you should seriously look at Fullcast.”

RevOps Leader, Mid-Market Company

RevOps Copilot in Action

Set It and Forget It

Create automated rules for common GTM tasks and workflows and keep your GTM plan up to date—without any effort on the part of the ops team. Based on criteria that you set, Copilot autobalances territories, reassigns accounts when roles change, routes leads, manages holdouts, and more.

Execute with Accuracy

Easily automate plan guardrails and notifications. Copilot tracks and notifies you of any issues with coverage, capacity (ramp, conversion, hiring), and data quality so that your plan is always based on the most up-to-date assumptions or, if not, you can take immediate action to fix it.

Embrace Change

Build and constantly adapt your plan without a single spreadsheet. Automated updates to all aspects of your GTM plan and real-time sync with your CRM means you can react with agility and confidence to any curveball.

Manage Revenue Team Productivity

Improve “speed to lead” by setting and tracking SLAs for leads or other critical RevOps processes. Automate actions such as rerouting when SLAs are not met, driving a superior sales and customer experience.

Work with the Applications You Already Use

Fullcast boasts a robust set of integrations that connect to the apps your team is already using, so the work you’re doing with Fullcast can easily inform activities performed in other pieces of your RevOps tech stack.

High-Performance RevOps Software for Modern Sales Teams

Fullcast enables users to manage every aspect of their go-to-market strategy and connects each moving part of the sales cycle to a single source of truth.