Fireside Chat: Unlocking Product-led Growth – Tackling the Operational Challenges

The product-led growth (PLG) approach can help organizations ensure they keep developing their offerings in a way that closely matches their customers’ needs. That said, it can be a challenge to implement on the operations side. Traditional processes for qualifying leads and teaming models for serving customers often don’t work. Listen to this Fireside Chat to hear how Lisa Larson and Ronnie Duke, who have previously worked together on sales and marketing operations, have tackled common PLG challenges.

We discuss:

  • How to set up processes and systems to accommodate product-qualified leads (PQLs) [03:12]
  • How to handle multiple instances for the same company [8:09]
  • The key metrics RevOps should be tracking for PLG [22:21]
  • Common mistakes that RevOps teams make when getting started with PLG [26:10]

About the Speakers

Lisa Larson is currently the Director of Global Revenue Operations at Near and has over 10 years of experience in sales, finance and revenue operations and technology. Her background as a Salesforce consultant gives her a unique perspective on how businesses run end-to-end and how there are many ways of solving the same business problems. In her last role, Lisa was exposed to PLG operations where she learned and solved for some of the operational complexities that come with a PLG motion.

Ronnie Duke is currently the Director of Marketing Operations at Productboard and has over 15 years of experience in marketing and technology. His background in web development gives him a unique perspective on how technology can be integrated to best serve PLG initiatives. In his past two roles, Ronnie was heavily involved in PLG operations, gaining valuable insights into what it takes to make these initiatives function successfully.

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