Fireside Chat: RevOps – Bringing Strategic Value After Annual Planning

After the annual GTM plan is complete and has been successfully deployed, it’s easy for RevOps teams to go on autopilot. Simply managing the same processes and fixing things that break. However, in an economic environment where operational efficiency is a critical strategy, RevOps teams have an opportunity to show their value as important contributors to the company’s growth engine. In this Fireside chat, Scott Malish, Global Head of Revenue Operations at Sigma Computing, joined us to discuss his experiences setting the RevOps agenda.


– How do you set a strategic agenda for the projects that RevOps is going to do? [2:26]

– How do you prioritize projects? [7:25]

– How do you determine how much effort a project is going to require? [15:10]

– How do you get started? [17:59]

– What is an example strategic RevOps project that you have done in the past? [24:26]

– Scott’s parting thoughts [28:39]

– Bonus question! What’s your approach to building a RevOps team? [30:37]

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