Launching a New Product from Scratch as a General Manager with Force Management’s Kathleen Schindler

The role of the General Manager is one that’s always been intriguing to me, but I’ve had a hard time wrapping my arms around it. Until now. And on this episode, we’re joined by Kathleen Schindler, GM of Ascender, a new platform and community by Force Management.

What’s interesting about Ascender is that it’s basically a start-up within a very well established and successful company, Force Management. And what’s interesting about Kathleen is that she had already been at Force Management for nearly a decade when she took on this new GM role for a brand new product.

In our conversation, Kathleen answers what it means to be a GM, we dive into how you stay true to your ideal customer when building a new product, and Kathleen tells us what it means to be a “lurker” in a community.

You can check out Ascender for yourself at

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