Fullcast Welcomes Ryan Bott as New Chief Sales Officer

We are thrilled to officially welcome Ryan Bott as chief sales officer. 

Before joining Fullcast, Bott spent a solid six years at Sodexo, rocking the role of global senior vice president of revenue on the executive team. During his time there, Bott was the driving force behind building and expanding revenue operations, juggling teams in 15 countries across 12 different fields. And get this: Thanks to his leadership, Sodexo saw a whopping $2 billion in growth each year.

As a recipient of the Chief Revenue Officer of the Year award from the Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame in 2023, he’s currently lending his expertise to software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies like Ordr, sitting on their board and helping steer their strategic growth initiatives. 

Ryan is a longtime admirer of Fullcast CEO Ryan Westwood’s success in building other companies like Simplus, which sold for $250 million to Infosys in 2020. He is excited and honored to take the helm of revenue growth at Fullcast. Westwood and his cofounders completed the $34 million seed round and acquisition of Fullcast earlier this year.

“I immediately recognized Fullcast’s potential to revolutionize how businesses approach their go-to-market strategy,” Bott said. “Companies need to raise their go-to-market plans and stop relying solely on spreadsheets. Fullcast simplifies the process, making it easier for businesses to approach their go-to-market strategy with the attention it deserves.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Ryan to the Fullcast team,” Westwood said. “His exceptional leadership skills and deep industry knowledge make him ideal to lead our sales efforts.”

With Ryan at the helm, we’re gearing up to take our sales strategy to the next level. His background in revenue leadership and impressive track record in the SaaS industry make him the perfect fit to lead our sales efforts. We can’t wait to see what we’ll achieve together!

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