An Operator’s Guide to Filling Your Cup with Jacki Leahy

It’s really quite refreshing when you see people being vulnerable about their own struggles in a professional environment. We all try to be so polished and put together all the time, especially as Operators, where our job is literally to have everything put together.

So it caught my eye when Jacki Leahy, a Fractional RevOps Advisor and Founder of Activate The Magic, started a work advice column dedicated to navigating work relationships, something she admits she has struggled with herself.

In our conversation (and her column aptly titled “Dear Jacki”), Jacki shares her lessons for others who might be in the same boat. We talk about pairing your skillset with the right environment, the humbling experience Jacki went through of becoming an SDR 10 years into her career, and why taking a CliftonStrengths assessment was the turning point in her career.

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