How AI is Driving The Shift from Best of Breed to All-in-One Solutions with Tom Wentworth

When we started this show, we knew we wanted it to be unabashedly for operators, with expert guests sharing lessons from those who had been there, done that. But this episode’s guest made us realize that the show can not only be the place to reflect on the hard-earned lessons our guests have to share, but we can also be the place where operators can come to brainstorm, to debate, and to hypothesize about what’s to come.

That guest is Tom Wentworth. Tom is the CMO of Recorded Future. As AI use cases explode and new technologies emerge, Tom, like all of us, is trying to adjust to the new possibilities available to him. But unlike most of us, Tom is already plotting where he, and his team at Recorded Future, will take advantage of these tectonic shifts.

In our conversation, Tom and I discuss the macro shift from best of breed tools to all-in-one platforms, he teaches me why data sets, not features will be the differentiators of software products moving forward, and we both realize together that those previously fluffy product roadmaps may actually mean a lot more than they used to.

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