Why the Future of Work Should Optimize for Teams with Cisco Meraki COO Denise Thomas

When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty crazy that our entire mindset around work has been completely challenged in just a few short years.

And now, it looks like we find ourselves again in a debate about the future of work. Do we go back to offices? Are remote or hybrid teams less effective? Will employees revolt if companies try?

Luckily, to answer these difficult questions, we have Denise Thomas, COO of Cisco Meraki.

This is not your typical post-pandemic remote work conversation. Denise will make you think, and might even make you question how you think about work yourself.

In our conversation, Denise and I tackle what we got better at what we got worse at during the pandemic, how her HR background makes her a better COO today, and why teams, not leaders, are the unit of movement in organizations.

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