Finding the Right Consulting Resources for Your Most Important Projects with FoundHQ’s Max Maeder

Most Ops teams are notoriously strapped for resources. We scrape and we claw to build our teams, and design them to make meaningful impacts on our organization. But sometimes we just don’t have the resources internally to get some of our projects done, and done well.

And that’s when Operators will typically turn their attention to the fragmented, overwhelming, and slightly intimidating world of operations consultants. Our guest to help us navigate that world is Max Maeder, the CEO of FoundHQ, a hiring platform that connects companies with vetted Salesforce Freelancers.

Prior to FoundHQ, which he has run since 2020, Max was also the Founder and CEO of TwentyPine, a Consulting & Headhunting Firm that specialized in Salesforce and SalesOps-related roles.

In our conversation, Max teaches us about the reasons why Ops teams seek out outside help, how companies should decide how much control they truly want to set the direction of their projects, and why he fundamentally believes that the GTM tech strategy shouldn’t be run by RevOps.

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