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RevOps – Collaborating with Global Teams

Tuesday, February 22 | 12 p.m. ET | 9 a.m. PT

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In this fireside chat, Jamie Klanac will share his experience and insights into working with global RevOps teams. We’ll discuss areas such as the following:

➡Culture – What cultural aspects have you seen that specifically impact operations? For example: org design, work mentalities, traditional ways of working.
➡Getting started – What does it take to prepare for global ops expansion? What are the first steps you take when you start/arrive in the location? What are things to avoid?
➡Collaboration – What has worked and hasn’t worked for collaborating with regional offices, etc.?
➡Structure – As US-based companies expand globally, should they be thinking about different GTM structures? Different lead routing?‍

Jamie Klanac has over 20 years of experience as a revenue and growth operations leader and has been integral to leading teams through strategic sales initiatives and M&A acquisitions. With experience building ops teams locally in both Asia Pacific and Latin America, as well as orchestrating US-based global ops, he brings a wealth of experience and insight into the topic of collaborating with global teams.

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