Press Release: Fullcast Introduces Powerful “Smart” Territory Planning

Redmond, WA – Fullcast, the industry’s only RevOps platform for GTM Planning and Execution, today announced the launch of its new SmartPlan™ territory planning engine.  SmartPlans enable Fullcast users to reduce hands-on-keyboard territory planning time from weeks to as little as 30 minutes. It uses a powerful AI-based engine to create optimized territories based on predetermined criteria set by the user.

Territory design is the foundation of a company’s GTM plan. Good territory design can increase sales by 2-7% without any change in strategy or resources (HBR).  However, it is often overlooked and underestimated. Most companies today conduct their territory planning on spreadsheets using data exported from the CRM. The process takes weeks or months and is fraught with errors and version control issues. With the shift to remote selling and the explosion of data, companies are finding much more effective ways to carve territories beyond geography but are unable to execute these plans in spreadsheets or corporate planning tools.

Fullcast’s SmartPlan makes it possible for users to create balanced territory plans in minutes.  Users specify the number of territories they want and prioritize any criteria on which to build their territories, such as number of accounts, ARR, account score or any other field or metric data. They can choose to minimize disruption to existing relationships, named accounts, or account hierarchies. Once criteria are set, the rules engine automatically generates balanced territories. Users can immediately see the impact of the plan in each territory and tweak accordingly.  When final, the new territory plan can be deployed to the CRM with the click of a button.

“SmartPlan is a major advance for RevOps teams conducting territory planning,” commented Dharmesh Singh, CEO and Co-Founder at Fullcast. “Fullcast’s Territory Management platform has changed the way that organizations think about and conduct planning. Planning is no longer a one-and-done annual exercise. Instead, territory plans can be managed with agility in response to changing market conditions. SmartPlan takes an organization’s planning abilities another leap forward by dramatically reducing the time to plan, as well as perfectly optimizing their use of valuable sales resources.”

‍You can learn more about SmartPlan here or attend an upcoming demonstration webinar.‍

About Fullcast –  Fullcast is the only RevOps Platform that seamlessly connects GTM planning with tactical execution.  The platform enables users to easily build territories and quotas, continuously make updates in response to evolving market conditions, and automatically sync changes across all operational systems. Fullcast users experience dramatic improvements to RevOps productivity, sales performance, and talent retention.  To learn more about Fullcast, visit

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