Infographic: The Importance of Revenue Operations (RevOps) and Aligned Go-to-Market Strategies

Aligning people, processes, and technology across sales and marketing teams can significantly boost business performance. Companies that achieve this alignment see a 36 percent increase in revenue growth and, in some cases, up to 28 percent higher profitability (Forrester). Additionally, tightly coordinated sales and marketing functions lead to a 36 percent higher customer retention rate (HubSpot). Despite these benefits, only 10.26 percent of organizations have a dedicated Go-to-Market director or manager (GTM Alliance).

Effective sales and marketing alignment can also improve a company’s ability to close deals by 67 percent (HubSpot). By 2025, 75 percent of the highest growth companies are expected to deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model (Gartner). Implementing a RevOps function has been shown to increase sales productivity by 10–20 percent (Boston Consulting Group). Organizations that tightly align their Go-to-Market teams can achieve a 100–200 percent increase in ROI for digital marketing initiatives, a 10–20 percent improvement in lead acceptance, and a 30 percent reduction in GTM expenses (Boston Consulting Group).

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