How This Operator Found, Bought, and Became CEO of Their Own Business with Christi Loucks

Making the decision to go off on your own to build your own business is a daunting one. Social media would make you think that it’s all the rage right now to find small businesses, buy them, and then sit back and let the passive income roll in.

But while there may be some exceptions to the rule, this isn’t the reality for most businesses. So I was wondering how this actually works in the real world?

Our guest on this episode, Christi Loucks, is someone who can teach us. Christi is the CEO of Revenue Accelerator, a B2B Lead Gen Services company that creates and executes outbound sales motions for tech companies.

In our conversation, we talk about the decision to take control of her own destiny, how she found and ultimately stepped into her new role as CEO, and why the pairing of a Dealmaker and a Visionary was ultimately what led to where she is today.

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