Growth Ops Summit: Data Governance – The Foundation of Everything

The sooner a data governance policy is established for your sales operations, the more reliable and valuable your prospect and customer databases will be. Setting your governance policy is foundational to unlocking all advanced Sales Operations processes and avoiding high cost inefficiencies due to bad data.

In this talk, Yousuf Khan, discusses data governance: what it is and why it is so important with a Sales Operations. He walks through:

  • How do modern Sales Organization depend on data flow to drive sales velocity?
  • What policies govern what information can be added to a CRM?
  • How to codify your data governance policy at the beginning to save time in the future.
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Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.