Fullcast Partners with Venture Capital Podcast to Showcase Utah’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs 

Most know Utah for its great snow, expensive real estate, well-clad youth who travel in pairs, and a seemingly perennial presence on most lists for best places to work, live, vacation, attend a university, and host an Olympics.

National attention is nice, but when peers recognize you, that’s pretty special.

Venture Capital Podcast, founded in 2021 by Jon Bradshaw and Peter Harris, recently announced the VCP 100, a community-nominated, peer-selected recognition program and celebratory event of Utah’s top 100 founders. As a member of this entrepreneurial community and a founding partner of the VCP 100, the Fullcast team is thrilled to help celebrate the tenacity and underdog spirit of this thriving business community. As entrepreneurs themselves, our executive team understands the impact that trust and financial support from the entrepreneurial community have on a startup’s success.

Before joining Fullcast, CEO Ryan Westwood cofounded and served as the CEO of Simplus, which was acquired by Infosys for $250 million. He has successfully led several technology companies from the seed stage through acquisition. Fullcast, with the financial support of numerous local and national investors, raised a historic $34 million in seed funding.

Through peer nominations, the VCP 100 will recognize startup founders, tech execs, investors, students, professors, and policy-makers who are doing innovative things, building value, and being at the forefront of innovation and growth in Utah’s startup community.

“As a collective endeavor, this awards program highlights the community-oriented and cooperative spirit of Utah’s vibrant entrepreneurial culture, a sentiment frequently recognized by numerous organizations,” said Amy Cook, CMO. “This peer-supported network collaboratively advances the shared objective of cultivating a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem in Utah while also expanding the scope of its own startup ventures.”

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we never take success for granted. Nominations will be accepted until May 15, 2024. Click here for details on how to nominate your favorite startup superstar.

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