fullcast.io Product Release September 2019

Introducing:  Automated Workflows for Territory Assignments, Quota Management, and Compensation

fullcast.io’s latest product release allows users to automatically manage quotas as reps move between different accounts.

Quota Management Automation

Given the manual nature of compensation and quota processes, it’s often challenging to ensure that sales teams are compensated appropriately. Many companies today manage massive spreadsheets on a weekly to monthly basis to handle minor movements in account assignments. Let’s take this example: If rep A handled account A in month 1 and rep B covered it in month 2, the effects on quota and compensation show up in these datasheets. Sound manual, challenging, and error-prone? You bet!

We’re excited to announce that the fullcast.io product update now layers a quota credit workflow into our Design Module that automates customers’ quota management processes every time accounts are moved within their systems. Because fullcast.io’s platform integrates quota and targets with territory segmentation and sales rep assignment, operations activities that usually require significant time and numerous spreadsheets can be managed efficiently in one place. Effectively scale your operations with our new functionality and make time for the work you signed up for.

Territory Assignment Workflows

Similar to quota management, managing account assignments takes time and manual effort to ensure full coverage of all accounts in a company’s area of business. Whether it is managing the regular inflows and outflows of people in your sales organization, maintaining coverage on customers and prospects through transitions, or dealing with the creation of new roles in the sales organization, the people side of the business is a big operational lift for Sales Ops. The fullcast.io product update now makes it simple! Configurable workflows around rep assignments make maintaining coverage on all your accounts and moving sales reps an easy, automated process. With our new workflows in the Design Module, you can now handle:

  • Hiring and terminating employees
  • Managing temporary coverage
  • Retiring roles

And with all information stored and presented in the collaborative fullcast.io app, users can do away with clunky spreadsheets and version control issues.To learn more, contact sales@fullcast.io, or schedule a demo on our website! Visit our support page to read more about our capabilities.

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