Operations Podcast: Charting a Course for International Expansion

The moment when a US-based company decides to expand internationally—more specifically, when it decides to open up local offices in those international regions—is quite the investment.

Everything about your business gets harder and more complicated. To help make the complex simple for the rest of us, we’re joined on this episode by Shantanu Shekhar, someone who has gone through this exact expansion twice, at two of the most well-revered brands in tech: LinkedIn and Gong.

Shantanu is currently based in Dublin, Ireland, as the head of EMEA customer sales and GTM operations at Gong, and he is the guide for the rest of us to follow for a successful international expansion.

In our conversation, we talk about choosing where to open your first international office, the balance of finding your own unique international identity while also staying connected to HQ, and why your barometer of success metrics might need to shift in the early days of your international business.

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