Building a Stronger RevOps Foundation

RevOps is no longer a new term (but if you want some clarity, check out this simple yet thorough overview.) While it makes sense intuitively to have alignment and shared systems across sales, marketing, and customer success, it can get complicated. Besides the CRM and data enrichment sources, many tools still heavily favor one team over the other.

What often happens, therefore, is sales, marketing, and customer success each vy for their own preferred tools. So RevOps ends up spending time running various tools, each serving a small purpose for one of those teams.

From the CRO’s perspective, the most important goal is to ensure that revenue goals and team targets are on track. In order to do this, it’s key to put go to market planning and execution at the center of RevOps. From there,  run-time components, such as routing, targets, and headcount planning can be implemented.

While one system cannot solve every revenue team’s needs for efficiency, starting with the go to market plan at the center ensures that teams do not lose sight of it.

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