Annual Planning Unplugged – Roles, Coverage and Capacity Planning – with Anthony Enrico

We had a great discussion with Anthony Enrico, Founder and CEO LeanScale, as well as our own Tyler Simons and Bala Balabaskaran.

This session dives into how to get the right people aligned so that you can successfully achieve revenue goals.


[4:03] How do you begin to assess and plan for the necessary capacity to meet your coverage objectives?

[12:57] What is the best way to define productivity?

[18:31] What strategies have you implemented to ensure your coverage model is both scalable and sustainable?

[31:14] In SaaS, the XDR + AE + AM coverage model is very common. Are there any alternative coverage models you have seen work particularly well?

[39:51] How do you think through Customer Success coverage models and roles?

[45:46] What KPIs should we prioritize to measure the effectiveness of the coverage model?

[49:03] How do you approach change management when you modify to the coverage model?

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