We protect your data like it’s our own

With fullcast.io there are no compromises in safeguarding your data. The platform has security features built in and with external certifications for the highest data protection.



Data is encrypted at rest and also in transit to ensure your data is never out in the open.


When you import your data into our systems, we don’t have any access to it unless you grant it to us to help you.

Strong Authentication

We support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and IP and Geo Whitelisting to keep your accounts secure.

Continuous Monitoring

Our environments are continuously monitored for unauthorized or malicious activities.

Data Recovery

Your data is backed up every day so that it can be restored in the case of Data Loss.


We support advanced pseudonymization techniques to protect your data.


We do not require or store your passwords in our system for access to data sources like your salesforce instance. We use OAuth to integrate using a secure channel that is always under your control.

Data Ownership

This is the Your data is 100% your data. We do not mine your data for advertising purposes. We do not share your data with anyone that is not covered in our Data Protection Addendum.

Strong Processes

We use third parties to continually test our environment for vulnerabilities. Our software development process has security consciousness built in.


We want to make sure we communicate with you the status of our platform and any maintenance, incidents, or change in status of our service. Feel free to subscribe for notifications of any maintenance windows, incidents, and degraded service.