Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Fullcast’s recent announcement?

Fullcast, under the new leadership of noted tech entrepreneur Ryan Westwood and his experienced team, has successfully completed a $34 million seed round and acquired the revenue operations (RevOps) software platform Fullcast. This marks a strategic move to redefine RevOps, starting with a focus on territory management.

Who is Ryan Westwood, and why is he leading Fullcast?
Ryan Westwood is a successful tech entrepreneur who co-founded and served as the CEO of Simplus, which was acquired by Infosys for $250M. With a track record of leading technology companies from the seed stage through acquisition, he is now bringing his expertise to the RevOps industry. Westwood was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, a Utah Business 2018 CEO of the Year, and a Comparably Best CEO for Women 2021.
What is revenue operations (RevOps), and why is Fullcast focusing on redefining it?
Revenue operations (RevOps) is an integrated approach that aligns and optimizes all customer-facing teams—including sales, marketing, and customer success—to drive revenue growth efficiently. The industry is projected to reach a valuation of $18B over the next 10 years

Fullcast is focusing on redefining RevOps by offering an end-to-end platform that allows companies to design, manage, and track the performance of their revenue-generating teams seamlessly. This strategic move is in response to the projected decade of rapid growth in the RevOps industry. Fullcast aims to be at the forefront of this evolution by providing a comprehensive go-to-market sales platform.

What is Fullcast, and how does it differ from other RevOps platforms?
Fullcast is the only platform that seamlessly connects your sales GTM planning activities with your tactical sales operations by allowing you to continuously plan your strategy and deploy changes at any time. It stands out with its native integration with Salesforce, real-time adjustments, and comprehensive capabilities covering planning, execution, and tracking, all within a single platform.
Who led the Fullcast seed round, and who are the key investors?
The Fullcast seed round was led by Epic Ventures, with additional support from investors such as Companyon Ventures, Firsthand Alliance, True Blue Partners, and Sepio Capital. The founding team chose investors based on prior successful collaborations and shared enthusiasm for Fullcast’s potential in the RevOps space.
What are the goals of Fullcast’s new leadership team?

The leadership team aims to make Fullcast the first integrated RevOps platform for the entire Customer 360 journey. They plan to redefine the RevOps industry and tap into its projected decade of rapid growth by providing a go-to-market sales platform that integrates planning and execution functions.

Can you provide details about Fullcast’s leadership team?
The Fullcast leadership team, led by Ryan Westwood, includes co-founders Chief Operating Officer Isaac Westwood, Chief Marketing Officer Amy Cook, and Chief Commercial Officer Lance Evanson. The team members played instrumental roles in the success of Simplus and bring valuable expertise to drive Fullcast’s growth.

Original Fullcast co-founders Dharmesh Singh and Bala Balabaskaran remain onboard as chief customer officer and chief product officer, respectively. Their expertise from previous collaborations at Salesforce ensures continuity and technical prowess for Fullcast moving forward.

What sets Fullcast apart from other RevOps platforms?
Fullcast stands out with its native Salesforce integration, continuous orchestration and sync capabilities, and the ability to streamline the entire RevOps process from planning to execution. The platform’s focus on high-performance RevOps software—including lead routing, data hygiene, territory management, quotas, and target setting—distinguishes it as a strategic partner for businesses seeking to revolutionize their RevOps approach.
How can Fullcast help companies improve their revenue operations?
Fullcast empowers companies to maximize revenue, optimize territory management, improve productivity, and increase revenue through its revolutionary RevOps platform. It allows for swift territory creation, precise management based on products and regions, real-time adjustments, and AI-powered insights and recommendations with Copilot for RevOps®.
How can interested parties learn more or request an interview with Fullcast?
For more information or to request an interview, interested parties can contact Chief Marketing Officer Amy Cook at Additional details about Fullcast and its revolutionary RevOps platform can be found at