Operations Podcast: Getting Operators Back to Actually Running Your Business

A former CRO and I used to have a running joke: “I can’t wait until we can get back to just running the business.” It’s so easy in operations to get bogged down by systems work, data clean-up, or troubleshooting the latest problem that reared its head, when all any of us want to do is run the business.

To effectively run the business, though, you need to have confidence that the foundations on which you are building your business are sound.

On today’s episode, we’re talking with Benjamin Zeitz, head of revenue operations at Sweep, a company that is helping operators spend less time agonizing about how to pour those foundations by offering templates to quickly add best-practice CRM funnels to your Salesforce.

In our conversation, Benjamin and I talk about the flywheel approach he uses to get operators back to running their businesses and the balance of making processes easy for end users while maintaining the integrity of what you want to measure, and we go deep on an example of a foundational funnel design: meetings and opportunities.

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