Fullcast Welcomes Brittany Davies as New Head of People and Culture

We’re thrilled to welcome Brittany Davies aboard as the new head of people and culture here at Fullcast. We are all about helping companies rock their revenue game with our awesome RevOps platform. The team design and performance tracking are two features that appealed most to Brittany when she accepted the position. 

“The solution that Fullcast provides is about people, which is why I am so excited about this opportunity,” Brittany says. “Fullcast enables leaders to create equitable territories, better align goals with resources through effective capacity planning and ensure that revenue goals are achievable. It all boils down to tangible tools that drive engagement in revenue-producing teams.”

With a whopping 18 years under her belt in human resources and a knack for making organizations shine, Brittany is a total powerhouse. Plus, she’s got the credentials to back it up, including an executive MBA from Brigham Young University. She was also recognized as one of the 2023 Best and Brightest Executive MBA Students by Poets & Quants. 

“I’m big on culture, but because I have a strong people operations background, I like to see culture alignment in terms of how people are hired, promoted and paid,” Brittany says. “For me, culture is about creating a positive workplace that is achieved through values-driven decisions that put the people and customers first.”

Brittany’s no stranger to leading big teams through the trenches, serving as the vice president of people operations at Purple and the director of human resources at VASA Fitness. Her ability to bridge the gap between HR initiatives and revenue-generating functions directly aligns with Fullcast’s mission to make revenue attainable and predictable for organizations. 

“At Fullcast, we recognize the critical role that culture plays in driving business success,” CEO Ryan Westwood says. “Brittany’s expertise and passion for inclusion make her an invaluable asset to our team as we continue to prioritize organizational health and growth.”

With Brittany on board, you know Fullcast’s people and culture game is about to hit a whole new level! 

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