Fullcast Presents at First Annual Silicon Slopes Marketing Summit

Fullcast and Silicon Slopes Marketing Summit

Amy Cook, CMO of Fullcast, speaks at Silicon Slopes’ First Marketing Summit

Fullcast was thrilled to be part of the first annual Silicon Slopes Marketing Summit, presented by the University of Utah Executive Education program through the David Eccles School of Business.

This sold-out event was held April 10-11 on the beautiful University of Utah campus and featured actionable breakout sessions and keynote speakers, including Amy Osmond Cook, our CMO.

By referring to one of the fundamental functions of RevOps, Cook shared ways marketing leaders help companies remove revenue pain by integrating sales and marketing. 

At Fullcast, we understand that removing revenue pain through the seamless integration of sales and marketing is essential for competing in today’s ever-changing business landscape. 

By aligning these two critical functions with shared business goals, data-driven insight, and technology, particularly an automated, AI-supported territory management software that leverages customer data for faster territory planning, equitable sales regions, and automated GTM, companies can create a unified approach that streamlines processes, enhances communication, and maximizes efficiency. 

The Silicon Slopes Marketing Summit provided a fantastic opportunity for marketing professionals to share ideas, network among other marketing leaders, and learn ways to bolster marketing strategies and modernize processes for smart GTM and scalable growth. 

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Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.
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