Annual Planinng Unplugged – Segmentation – with Rusty von Waldburg

How do you choose the best sales segmentation model for your product or service?

Segmentation is the lifeblood of targeting and reaching the right audience, but it’s not a “set it and forget it” process. The business landscape is dynamic, and what worked a year ago might not work today.

Whether you’re a startup just beginning to implement a segmentation model or a seasoned organization reevaluating long-standing segments, the nuances of segmentation can be daunting.

In this session of our Annual Planning Unplugged series, Rusty von Waldburg, Founder & President @ Spokes Group , shares his experience with RevOps work on segmentation.


[1:10] Getting pressure from sales leaders to move segment lines.

  • What does that look like?
  • Why does it happen?
  • How should RevOps respond?

[7:11] How have you approached segmentation?

  • Should your segment lines be different for sales versus customer success?
  • How have you experimented with new segments, such as industry verticals?
  • What data is reliable to use for segmenting?

[26:40] How do you practically enforce your segmentation rules?

  • What type of automation can help
  • Should you allow exceptions to segment lines?
  • How do you set up rules, processes, and automation to manage exceptions?

[34:09] We’ve been discussing segmentation primarily as it relates to sales and, to a lesser degree, customer success – what about marketing?

  • How does marketing get involved in aligning with sales and CS on segmentation decisions?
  • How do various roles across these teams get impacted by segmentation decisions?

[49:14] How should a company’s segmentation change over time?

  • What are reasons to change segmentation?
  • How can you test out a new segment?
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