Fullcast Welcomes New Chief of Staff: Aubrey Donnelly

Fullcast is thrilled to announce the appointment of Aubrey Donnelly as its chief of staff. Fullcast is an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform that allows companies to design, manage, and track the performance of their revenue-generating teams.

In her role as chief of staff, Aubrey is dedicated to fostering cohesion and alignment throughout the organization, acting as a bridge between top-level executives and frontline staff. With a skilled, multifaceted approach that she perfected as the senior executive assistant to the CEO and people and culture partner at Simplus, Aubrey collaborates closely with the executive team to strategize and implement initiatives that propel the company forward.

“Aubrey is a high performer who knows how to create a high-performance culture,” says Fullcast CEO Ryan Westwood. “Her extensive experience and dedication to fostering a positive work environment make her the perfect fit for this role. Employees know that she cares and has high expectations for performance.”

Aubrey’s commitment extends beyond the boardroom: She champions the voices of employees at all levels, ensuring their perspectives are valued and integrated into decision-making processes with a combination of strategic vision and grassroots advocacy that defines her role and ultimately contributes to a more unified and empowered workforce.

“I feel supremely grateful and excited to be working with an incredible group of people at Fullcast,” Aubrey says. “Fullcast presents a unique opportunity for me to leverage my skills in a dynamic environment aimed at solving real problems for sales teams around the globe. I can’t wait for people to see what we do.”

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