Annual Planning Unplugged – Territories – with Helena Aryafar

In the RevOps world, the holiday season is synonymous with the messy process of annual planning. In this AMA we dig into territory planning strategies. Our guest, Helena Aryafar, shares her experience which includes having transitioned to new companies right in the midst of the planning season 3 times, no less!)More than the details of how you actually construct your territories, we focus in on how to be pragmatic in the design. And, most importantly, how to collaborate, communicate, and manage change so that all stakeholders know what’s going on.

Here’s the overview of main questions we discussed:

  • [2:36] What’s your general approach to territory planning?
  • [8:44] Has there been a territory structure you’ve seen or implemented that you especially liked?
  • [13:51] How do you approach balancing territories? What would you do about someone claiming that their territory is bare?
  • [25:35] How does territory planning fit into our overall annual planning process?
  • [33:28] Which tools do you consider most valuable when viewed through the lens of sales planning?
  • [38:11] What are some best practices you would recommend for effective territory planning in large organizations?
  • [47:21] If you could do one thing today to increase collaboration, what would you do?
  • [51:42] What are your predictions for changes or trends in territory planning?
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