Fullcast Takes GTM Up a Notch with Datajoin Acquisition

Fullcast’s centralized, automated GTM solutions just got smarter, simpler to use, and better able to deliver strategic decision-making faster than ever before! 

Introducing Datajoin AI, the latest Fullcast product innovation. By integrating advanced capabilities in data engineering, analytics, and product development, Datajoin AI represents a fusion of expertise. 

What Is Datajoin AI? 

Datajoin AI is a dynamic SaaS product that helps B2B marketers integrate their tech stack through Micro Integrations. With a focus on integrating top web analytics tracking software such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Salesforce, Datajoin fills a gap for companies striving to understand customer behavior.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between siloed data systems and provide marketing and sales teams with a unified view of the customer journey,” says Sam Fonoimoana, Datajoin AI founder and general manager. “We view ourselves as the ‘marketer’s best friend’ because of the insights companies get from our proprietary Micro Integrations.”

With previous roles at companies like Domo and Ancestry.com, Fonoimoana’s expertise lies in helping organizations unlock valuable analytics and drive strategic growth initiatives. Datajoin helps businesses optimize marketing strategies and enhance customer experiences.

“We are thrilled to release Datajoin AI as part of the Fullcast product suite,” Fullcast CEO Ryan Westwood said. “We believe that this addition gives much-needed marketing insights to better connect the customer journey and facilitate collaboration between marketing and sales. Together, we look forward to redefining sales analytics and driving meaningful results for our customers.”

What Does Datajoin AI Mean for Users? 

Fullcast is an end-to-end Go-to-Market Platform that allows companies to design, manage, and track the performance of their revenue-generating teams. The addition of Datajoin to Fullcast’s product portfolio combines expertise in attributing and documenting the customer journey with Fullcast’s strengths in building and executing Go-to-Market plans. This synergy promises to deliver enhanced value to customers by streamlining processes, improving data accuracy and enabling faster decision-making.

With Datajoin, users can toss spreadsheets and rely on Fullcast automation to plan, track, and execute a seamless go-to-market strategy.  Here are three of the many benefits of Datajoin MarTech integrations:

Insights with Impact

Utilize digital behavioral data along with website analytics and CRM data to identify promising leads, provide personalized recommendations, and optimize decisions on nurture campaigns, marketing spend, and business impacts while increasing email campaign engagement and growing your pipeline by 15 percent or more.

Rapid Data Modeling

Don’t just connect your data sources—expertly model everything from source APIs to performing ID resolution to ensure it is structured, organized, and ready for downstream analysis and applications, resulting in a scalable, high-quality data foundation in weeks, not months.

Comprehensive Industry Expertise

Tap into our expertise in Google, Adobe, and Salesforce to connect the right data to meet your unique business needs and objectives and trust us to be your guide in navigating the complex data landscape and unlocking valuable insights to propel your organization forward.

With its fusion of cutting-edge data engineering, analytics, and product development capabilities, Datajoin AI propels Fullcast’s centralized, automated platform to an unprecedented intelligence and user-friendliness experience. 

With Datajoin AI, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of their GTM strategies with precision and agility. By streamlining processes and empowering users with rapid, strategic decision-making abilities, Fullcast is not only keeping pace with the evolving demands of the market but also setting new standards for excellence in GTM solutions. 

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