Annual Planinng Unplugged – Analysis – with Anthony Enrico

“What we learn from history is that people don’t learn from history.” ~ Warren Buffett

Many of us in RevOps are currently taking stock of the past year. We’re looking at a year’s worth of history and trying to learn from it.

Buffett’s quote up there 👆 glosses over three simple truths:

1. Learning from the past requires *understanding* the past.

2. Understanding the past requires asking the *right questions*.

3. Asking good questions can be *really difficult*.

Analysis for annual planning is very specific to your business. Yet, the ability to coach someone through an analytical thought process transcends business details. This is why our AMA week 2 guest is a perfect fit. Not only has he been a hands-on operator across all revenue functions, he has led global teams at multiple high-growth technology companies. All this to say – he knows his stuff and he knows how to help other people figure theirs out, too. Who’s this guest? Anthony Enrico, CEO and Co-founder of LeanScale. He partners with high-growth companies to set them up for long-term RevOps and business success.

Highlights from the session:

[4:48] What frameworks do you use for historical analysis?

[11:04] What analysis goes into determining segment lines?

[14:47] How has your approach to analysis changed over the years?

[21:20] What is your experience collaborating with finance on analysis for the planning process?

[28:49] What are the top challenges you’ve seen in the analysis phase of the planning process?

[35:30] How do you approach using industry standards or benchmarks in your performance analysis?

[46:35] What’s a mistake you’ve made that changed the way you do analysis?

[53:42] Parting thoughts

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