The Secret to More Revenue: Make Your SKO an RKO 

What time of year is it? Here’s a clue: The conference room is adorned with motivational banners, and everyone’s favorite part—the company swag—is piled as high as the mounds of buffalo chicken wings on the neighboring table. 

It’s the sales kick-off (SKO) season! But here’s something you should know: After you’ve spent a bundle on a venue, catering, speaker bookings, team-building exercises, and bulk orders of Stanley Cups, surveys show that company SKOs aren’t making the mark with participants. Nearly 75 percent of sales kick-off attendees feel their company’s sales kick-off didn’t deserve an A grade. Almost 30 percent of those surveyed gave their company a C or below! 

Don’t just get mad. Get productive. It’s time to provide more than just flashy presentations and freebies. What if you could offer real solutions to improve your sales team’s performance? Buried under the sea of branded t-shirts and cans of Nitro Cold Brew lies a secret weapon for boosting revenue. All it takes is shifting your focus from strictly sales to aligning sales with marketing, finance, and customer success operations throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Let’s explore how shifting your sales focus to embrace go-to-market strategies that combine the entire RevOps team with shared goals, data, and tools sets the stage for measurable revenue-boosting, game-changing, and sales-quota smashing action.  

The Problems with a Solely Sales-Focused SKO

An SKO isn’t short on entertainment. However, the lack of clear objectives and strategies can leave organizations grappling with many challenges. The pitfalls of solely sales-focused SKOs can hinder rather than propel a company’s success.

Lack of Clear Objectives 

Your teams raved about the party, but what was the takeaway that can help guide them toward their sales goals? When the purpose and objectives of the SKO are not clearly defined, it can lead to confusion among participants and a lack of focus throughout the event.

Overlooking Existing Challenges

The typical SKO is more distraction and less motivation. However, if the SKO content does not address the real challenges faced by the sales team, attendees might perceive it as irrelevant and disengaging.

Focusing Too Much on Presentations 

Too much focus on one-way presentations without opportunities for interaction and engagement can lead to passive learning and reduced retention of information.

Neglecting Follow-Up and Accountability 

Without clear follow-up plans and mechanisms for accountability, the momentum and insights gained during the SKO may quickly dissipate once participants return to their daily routines.

The Benefits of Hosting a Revenue-Based Kick-Off

The SKO model relies on one territory report to guide the sales team throughout the fiscal year. But, the agile behavior of the current market saddles the sales team with outdated and inaccurate information. 

As changes occur, moving toward a RevOps focus brings more information, resources, and alignment to the sales process. 

Alignment with a Changing Market

By emphasizing go-to-market strategies, you ensure that your sales efforts are closely aligned with the needs and dynamics of your target market. This alignment increases the relevance of your offerings, making it more likely for potential customers to convert into paying clients.

More Effective Sales Strategies

Sales teams with the right tools, messaging, and tactics can deliver a more targeted approach that effectively communicates value propositions and addresses customer pain points. 

Faster Time to Market

Focusing on go-to-market strategies streamlines the process of bringing new products or services to market. It enables your organization to capitalize on market opportunities more quickly, potentially generating earlier revenue.

Better Market Penetration

Expanding into new markets or segments can increase your customer base and revenue potential by reaching untapped opportunities and diversifying your sources of income.

CX That Stands Out in the Crowd

You can improve overall customer satisfaction and loyalty by prioritizing customer-centric approaches with collaborative go-to-market strategies. The result? Repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals drive revenue growth.

The New Kick-off: More Comprehensive, More Instructive, and More Often

Plan on Smaller and More Frequent Meetings

Traditionally, the sales manager spends considerable time preparing sales territories as part of the annual grand presentation. It’s one shot at introducing the year’s goals and serves two purposes: It renews and centers the sales team on essential priorities. Then, it generates enthusiasm, dedication, and drive toward the team’s success criteria.  

However, a crucial element is absent if this drive wanes mere months afterward. What’s missing? “The answer is often ’reinforcement,’” says Paul Stansik, partner at ParkerGale Capital. “Your sales kickoff needs to be part of an intentional plan to change the business for the better.” 

Reinforce the RevOps Team’s Focus

Frequent kick-off meetings provide flexibility in focus as business climates change, account quality shifts, and territories need adjusting to optimize your sales team. That may include training. Eighty-three percent of companies say developing leaders at all levels is important. However, not even 5 percent of companies have actually implemented leadership development across all levels.

Managers can also supplement the information shared throughout the year by organizing more focused quarterly events. This approach maintains closer ties with the team, empowers teams to react promptly to market developments, and reduces the burden on your planning team compared to organizing a single large-scale event annually, which can be overwhelmed with logistical details.

Invest in Tools That Empower the RevOps Team

Concerts, celebrity speakers, SWAG—it’s all great. But imagine the long-term impact of investing in your teams via training programs and automated tools. For instance, studies show that 81 percent of sales teams don’t regularly audit their sales processes, and 20 percent don’t have access to resources to support their workflow. 

To equip sales teams with current information throughout the year, Fullcast offers a GTM Planning Platform that supports agile territory management, enabling sales organizations to rapidly and continuously update their territories, resource assignments, and quotas. 

Beyond the superficial allure of branded merchandise and trendy beverages lies the true potential for revenue growth. By tapping into this reservoir of innovation and focusing on meaningful strategies, businesses can unlock unprecedented success. 

Let’s chat about how Fullcast can augment your company’s CRM and other GTM tools and reduce the cycle time required to respond to changes from months/weeks to days/hours! 

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