Silicon Slopes Community Comes Together to Support Fullcast in $34M Seed Round

In a region where technology accounts for over $20 billion in economic output in Utah, the communities surrounding Salt Lake City continue to make a splash, attracting a diverse mix of innovative companies and startups offering a host of services, products, and innovations. 

This includes serial tech entrepreneur Ryan Westwood and his cofounding team at Fullcast, who are diving into a new chapter of entrepreneurship within the Silicon Slopes ecosystem. With Fullcast, Westwood aims to propel the revenue operations (RevOps) industry forward. 

Silicon Slopes reported on this Utah-based venture, which kicked off with the successful conclusion of a $34 million seed round and the strategic acquisition of the innovative RevOps software platform. In a recent Silicon Slopes press release, Clint Betts, CEO and president of Silicon Slopes, remarked that the community is known for its collaborative and supportive atmosphere, fostering an environment where entrepreneurs rally behind each other’s ventures, as happened with Fullcast. 

“Silicon Slopes is recognized globally as being a hub for tech, businesses and innovation, and Ryan Westwood is one of the best entrepreneurs Utah has ever produced,” Betts said. “The proven leadership team Ryan has put together at Fullcast exemplifies the spirit Silicon Slopes entrepreneurs are known for — willingly lifting each other up and recognizing that the success of other companies will create a positive synergy that benefits everyone. I believe Fullcast will be a monster success and deliver great dividends throughout Silicon Slopes.” 

The significant support from entrepreneurs with ties to Utah showcases the commitment they have to growing this state.

“Silicon Slopes provides a unique ecosystem where entrepreneurs support each other, and we believe this collaborative spirit will propel us forward,” said Ryan Westwood, Fullcast CEO. “Because so many of these great entrepreneurs have backed me currently and in the past, I have paid it forward and actively supported other Silicon Slopes ventures. As we continue to support and invest in each other, we will experience unprecedented growth as a community.”

Investors in this venture expand beyond venture capital firms, ranging from grills and book publishers to marketing firms and medicine.  

“We have such a great cross section of entrepreneurial acumen in Silicon Slopes, it’s invigorating to be actively investing in forward thinkers throughout the community,” said David Elkington, former CEO of Inside Sales. 

Fullcast empowers companies within Silicon Slopes and beyond to enhance their entrepreneurial journey, enabling them to build effective territories and secure more deals. The platform offers benefits such as accelerated revenue creation, optimized territory management, enhanced productivity, and increased revenue through Copilot for RevOps®, providing actionable insights and AI-driven recommendations.

To read the full press release, click here.

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Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.
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