CEO Ryan Westwood Talks Fast Cars, Fast Growth, and a Super Fast Territory Tool on Business Elevated Podcast

In this episode of Business Elevated, part of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, host Pete Codella and Ryan discuss the following topics:

  • Ways Utah history paved the way for its present-day entrepreneurial spirit 
  • Why Ryan loves bringing new business to Utah (almost as much as cruising in his ’66 Thunderbird convertible)
  • Why he chose to invest in himself and convince others to join him, garnering a historic $34 million in seed funding
  • How he ended up part of arguably the most exclusively eclectic group of history buffs
  • How AI technology is transforming RevOps for enterprise

Check out this fascinating interview with one of the tech community’s most dynamic leaders, one of the most enthusiastic supporters of business and education in Utah, and one of the most respected investors in the business community.

Listen to the full interview here.

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