Annual Planning Unplugged – Product – with Sean Lane

Ever wondered how the best in the business harmonize their product strategies with revenue operations?

This *Annual Planning Unplugged – Ask Me Anything* session is all about collaborating with product teams for planning.

Our featured guest, Sean Lane is an operations leader, currently a Founding Partner at Minot Light Consulting. Sean will reflect on his experiences with this critical aspect of annual planning.Watch this recording of our enlightening discussion dissecting key topics, from product launches to the buzzworthy Product-Led Growth model.

[2:41] When it comes to RevOps supporting GTM planning from the product side, what have you seen work well and not work so well?

[14:07] How have you seen people make decisions regarding training reps on products? For example, whether to cross train everyone or to use specialized teams or overlays?

[21:50] Is there a time you’ve seen when RevOps was able to provide critical guidance during annual planning to influence a product’s go-to-market strategy?

[37:47] What best practices have you seen when it comes to getting collaboration between product teams and RevOps (besides meetings)?

[45:40] Do you think that product-specific quotas in a rep’s commission plan works? Or should you let them sell anything to make their target?

[50:58] Can you talk about RevOps considerations for planning with a product-led growth motion?

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Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.
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