4 Must-Know RevOps Trends for 2024

New fiscal year. New revenue goals. New strategies. It’s all part of the RevOps journey within a changing business climate. 

Embracing the latest trends in RevOps isn’t just a strategic move, it’s an essential part of a pathway to unlocking unprecedented growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

Studies show that if your company does little more than invest in an automated, AI-backed RevOps platform, you can see sales productivity increase up to 20%. Not to mention what better alignment can do for team morale. 

With new AI capabilities always on the horizon, capturing real-time data for unprecedented analytics, companies can leverage this data to optimize their revenue-generating processes with innovations in data-driven decision-making, seamless collaboration among teams, more customized segmentation and territory management, and features that optimize existing operating systems. 

In light of the emerging demands in this rapidly changing GTM climate, here are four notable RevOps trends that we believe will most impact our customers. 

Integrate AI and Automation

It’s no surprise that AI tops the list of emerging trends. Businesses are increasingly leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and gain actionable insights from data. But not just any data. We mean accurate data. 

For instance, before implementing Fullcast, the RevOps team at Udemy, a leader in online learning, had to make critical strategic decisions based on unreliable data. With Fullcast’s automated data cleansing policies in place, the team can confidently plan long-term organizational goals knowing that they’re basing their decisions on clean, accurate data.

As the emphasis on data-driven decision-making continues, RevOps professionals will continue to rely on AI-based analytics and metrics to measure performance, identify opportunities, and optimize revenue generation.

Take a Personalized, Customer-Centric Approach to Territory Management

In this competitive GTM space, your RevOps team needs better audience segmentation and collaborative capabilities that customize territory management that extends beyond mere regions or company size. In other words, to secure opportunities amid stiff competition, timing is everything. 

“Sales reps must offer significant value addition in every interaction to boost customer engagement. For this, they need access to in-depth, unique insights about every buyer/prospect to offer relevant solutions,” explained Kritika Srinivasan at Salesforce. 

The downside to these personalized efforts is that it requires reliable data and quick responses. If you’re busy manually updating your spreadsheets–you’ll miss out. The solution? Automation, baby. 

With Fullcast SmartPlan, managers can connect with customers at every touchpoint of the buyers’ journey AND effortlessly update this information when changes occur. 

SmartPlan helps RevOps teams conduct complex territory planning using multiple metrics and KPIs—without the use of a single spreadsheet—in as little as 30 minutes. 

Since personalization is a powerful step to winning the sales game, teams can use the SmartPlan tool to factor in existing relationships, named accounts, and other account hierarchies to improve equitability, decrease disruption, and retain connections that can’t be quantified.

Streamlined coordination among sales and marketing via a custom dashboard ensures the rev ops team is aligned and equipped with critical insight to drive personalized engagement with the right messaging, at the right time. 

Leverage Real-time Data-Driven Collaboration Across Departments

The agility derived from real-time collaboration ensures that teams are not only informed but also proactive, enabling them to adapt strategies on the fly and capitalize on emerging opportunities. 

For example, with over 500 customers, Collibra, a leading data catalog platform and tool, needed a powerful platform to align and manage resources for their 300+ go-to-market team. “I would argue that without a tool like Fullcast, you cannot efficiently manage a collaborative territory planning process for an organization of any scale. . . . With Fullcast, we’re trading internal meeting time for customer-facing time,” said Clay Blanchard, former VP of Sales Operations. 

Research shows that collaboration between sales, marketing, finance, and customer success teams is crucial. For instance, studies show that having tighter alignment among GTM teams can generate up to a 200% increase in ROI for a company’s digital marketing initiatives. 

Furthermore, companies that aligned staff, workflow processes, and technology tools across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and experienced up to 28% more profits. RevOps aimed to break down silos and foster a more cohesive approach to revenue generation.

Ultimately, this interconnected ecosystem results in a more responsive and customer-centric organization, where data-driven decisions drive success across the entire revenue lifecycle.

Maximize Technology Stack Optimization

Today, businesses are inundated with dizzying choices in technologies, each promising enhanced efficiency and productivity. However, the key lies not just in the adoption of these tools but in the strategic orchestration of an organization’s technology stack. 

This trend recognizes that the true potential of technology lies not in isolated applications but in their collaborative and synergistic operation. As businesses increasingly rely on diverse digital solutions, the ability to streamline and maximize the efficiency of their technology stack becomes paramount.

At Fullcast, we understand that strategy, which is why our platform serves as a dynamic bridge between strategic planning and seamless execution, which offers clients an integrated solution that streamlines their business processes. 

For example, when Degreed, a leading learning experience platform, wanted to optimize their RevOps engine for more effective Territory Carving, Territory Modeling, and Routing. Fullcast’s robust mapping feature made it easy to conduct visual territory carving on a map. Plus, the ability to overlay any metrics, such as TAM, and view the balance across territories helped increase both efficiency and accuracy

Another key feature is that Fullcast’s lead routing is tied directly to the territory and GTM plan. When a rep is reassigned to a territory or an account is assigned to a territory, the routing is automatically updated as well, without any intervention required by the Ops team.

The synergy between Fullcast’s capabilities and motion policies allows clients to consolidate their technological investments. Many of our customers utilize the Fullcast platform for routing purposes, which eliminates the need to invest in separate routing platforms. This spares clients from the complexities of rebuilding their Go-To-Market (GTM) infrastructure. It ensures efficiency and simplifies operations. 

Additionally, the real-time adaptability of Fullcast means that mid-year changes in the GTM plan can seamlessly reflect in routing updates, offering unparalleled flexibility. 

By integrating motion policies into their GTM structure, clients ensure that any modifications to their strategy automatically translate into changes in execution, creating a cohesive and responsive business ecosystem. 

This trend underscores the importance of strategic technology planning, integration, and adaptation to ensure that businesses not only keep pace with the evolving landscape but thrive in it.

The four notable RevOps trends highlighted here provide a roadmap for our customers to navigate and thrive in this era of transformative change. By embracing these trends, companies can position themselves to meet the challenges posed by the evolving market and proactively shape the future of their revenue operations.

To learn how Fullcast can help your company leverage data for strategic RevOps, let’s chat.

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