Top 5 Reasons to Choose Fullcast over Anaplan for Territory Planning

Fullcast Is A Complete Out-of-the-Box Territory Management Solution

Fullcast enables users to quickly build living, breathing territory and quota plans without spreadsheets in days (not months!) It’s simple to keep plans up to date and synced with your CRM, even if your GTM changes. Unlike Anaplan, Fullcast is purpose-built for RevOps – no custom development or consultants are required.

Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Fullcast over Anaplan for Territory Planning.

1. Create Complex Territories Using Any Data From Your CRM

With Fullcast, you can create territories using the metrics that matter most to your business – without any spreadsheets or custom development. As you carve your territories, you can get instant feedback on equitability. Or let SmartPlan, our AI-powered territory balancer, do the hard work for you, 10-20x faster.

Anaplan territory planning requires significant custom development.

2. Make Run-Time Plan Changes and Deploy Instantly

Most GTM plans are out of date as soon as your reps hit the pavement due to resource or strategy changes. With Fullcast, you can make continuous plan adjustments and instantly sync with your CRM, eliminating time-consuming manual updates and sales downtime.

Anaplan does not offer the ability to make run-time plan updates.

3. Easily Set Any Quotas or Targets and Keep Them Aligned With Your GTM

RevOps best practice is to get bottom-up feedback on all top-down targets. Too often, however, this process gets skipped — it can be a nightmare to get and aggregate that feedback. With Fullcast, you can set quotas and targets that reflect reality by easily incorporating bottoms-up feedback from the field. Seamlessly track attainment against targets across multiple hierarchies.

To achieve the same results, Anaplan requires significant custom coding.

4. Create a Single Record of Truth for Your GTM Plan

Fullcast automatically tracks any GTM changes (e.g., attrition, hiring, ramp, quota relief), so you have the historical data you need to pay your team accurately and promptly. Manually tracking the inputs for crediting is error prone and leads to having reps spending inordinate amounts of time trying to calculate their commissions.

Anaplan does not date stamp any role changes, so can not be easily used for commissioning.

5. Keep Execution Aligned With Your Plan

The gold standard in RevOps is to apply your rules of engagement so fairly and consistently that there is no opportunity for disagreement and no need for RevOps to arbitrate tons of disputes. Fullcast allows you to develop automated GTM policies that codify the rules of engagement for your plan. Automated rules for lead routing, holdouts, account hierarchies, and more, keep all run-time components of your GTM plan operating in sync and ensure continuous GTM alignment.

Anaplan cannot automate common GTM activities, making it difficult to keep execution aligned with the plan.


Anaplan is a powerful tool. But it is a corporate planning tool, and therefore cannot easily handle the use cases specific to GTM planning and execution.

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Fullcast was built for RevOps leaders by RevOps leaders with a goal of bringing together all of the moving pieces of our clients’ sales go-to-market strategies and automating their execution.