Salesforce Territory Management Alternatives

One of the most important SalesOps activities is territory management.  When performed well, optimized territories can lead to a 2-7% increase in sales without any change in sales strategy or total resources (HBR 2015).  However, today most organizations are still conducting territory management in spreadsheets which is manual, time-consuming, and error-prone.  While almost every company has a territory strategy, few execute it successfully. Only recently has there become available dedicated territory management software that lessens the operational burden and ensures successful execution.

Although Salesforce is primarily a transactional tool, the company also offers a territory management module, Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management (ETM).  Fullcast offers another comprehensive territory management platform.  Here, we describe the differences between these two tools to help you choose the best territory management platform for your business.

Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management

Salesforce ETM offers basic territory management capabilities.  Once enabled, Salesforce Territory Management lets you manage accounts, opportunities, and cases by territory.

First, users create their territories separately using spreadsheets or Salesforce’s Maps module and then import these to ETM.  Then they can view and assign territories directly from within a specific account.  They can also create assignment rules that automate the assignment of accounts to territories.  The ability to organize accounts by any field and create hierarchies makes reporting and analysis more useful.

Salesforce ETM also offers plan cloning and modeling capabilities so that users can test the impact of different territory models on the number of assigned accounts.

Fullcast GTM Planning Platform

Fullcast offers an advanced territory management platform which is purpose-built for RevOps efficiency and Sales productivity.  It enables users to plan and manage their end-to-end GTM operations from lead to renewal. They can create multiple GTM plans for different areas of the business, like Sales and Customer Success.

Fullcast offers robust planning and modeling capabilities. The platform syncs bi-directionally with Salesforce so that plans are always based on the most up-to-date, real-time data.  Furthermore, all planning takes place in the Fullcast UI which becomes the source of record for the GTM plan. Territory plans and any changes are automatically synced with Salesforce. This completely eliminates inefficient spreadsheets and data imports from the planning process.

Fullcast also offers a rules-based territory optimizer (SmartPlan).  With SmartPlan users set the territory balancing criteria that matter most to their business. Then SmartPlan automatically creates balanced territories, significantly faster than traditional planning.

Uniquely, the Fullcast platform also keeps execution aligned with strategy.  Its intelligent automation, Copilot for RevOps, automates plan execution so that operations is always in sync with the plan, even when strategy or resources are constantly changing. Users set conditions and then Copilot does all the rest — without a single spreadsheet or code change. For example, when territories drift, Copilot auto-balances them so that seller opportunities continue to be equal, keeping reps motivated and productive.  When roles change, Co-pilot ensures continuous coverage, leads are routed properly, and holdouts are enforced.

Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management vs Fullcast

There are many differences between Salesforce and the Fullcast Territory Management Platforms.  ETM is often offered inexpensively as an add-on to a Salesforce subscription, however, its ability to successfully execute complex GTM plans is limited.  See the chart below for a detailed comparison.

In conclusion, effective territory management is essential for maximizing sales performance, and the use of dedicated territory management software can significantly enhance this process. While Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management (ETM) offers a basic module for managing territories within the Salesforce ecosystem, Fullcast GTM Planning Platform provides a more advanced and purpose-built solution. With real-time data synchronization, streamlined planning, rules-based territory optimization, and intelligent automation, Fullcast offers a comprehensive platform that keeps execution aligned with the sales strategy. When considering alternatives to Salesforce Territory Management, businesses should carefully evaluate their specific needs and priorities to choose the platform that best suits their requirements for efficient and successful territory management.

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