Fireside Chat: Why Sales Enablement Should be 30% of Your GTM Plan

Dan Watkins of DataBased talks through how enablement plays a key role in executing the go-to-market plan.


Introductions [0:00]

What is enablement? [2:09]

How do you change the culture of enablement? [4:49]

How can enablement help jump-start the execution of a go-to-market plan? [10:21]

When in the GTM planning process should an enablement person be brought in? [12:04]

What should you be thinking about enablement during GTM strategy discussions? [13:45]

How can you make sure reps feel like they’re part of the company’s strategic vision? [20:22]

What are the most common mistakes with enablement? [22:59]

Final Thoughts! [29:28]

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