Empower Strategic Revenue Growth with Fullcast’s Multi-Plan

When people think of territory plans, they most often think of sales territories. Thankfully, most successful organizations have acknowledged the importance of building equitable and balanced sales territories—and managing them proactively year round. Indeed, this is the precise reason why forward-thinking companies like Gong, Udemy, Zones, and many more use Fullcast to manage their sales territory planning and management. 

Most Fullcast customers get started by building a single go-to-market plan and bringing a single team into the Fullcast platform. But did you know that you can actually create and deploy multiple plans in Fullcast to accommodate additional go-to-market structures? If you are a current Fullcast user, this blog can help you identify opportunities to “share the love” by using the Multi-Plan functionality to other teams or parts of your go-to-market organization. 

What does the journey from one plan to Multi-Plan look like?

If you’re like most customers, you likely got started with Fullcast by bringing your sales team into the app to build territories and using our rules-based engine to ensure all accounts get assigned to the correct sales rep. The impact is typically felt in this way:

  • Sales leaders see immediate value in having a single source of truth for rules-based account ownership. 
  • Strategy leaders see immediate value in the confidence they can have in their models when they have visibility and assurance that every account is being worked by the right rep at the right time. 
  • Operations leaders see immediate value in the ability to free their teams from fielding never-ending requests for account moves and changes and using spreadsheets to carve and manage territories.
  • Field leaders see value in being able to proactively manage and maintain balance in their teams’ book of business. 
  • Most importantly, the business leaders see an increase in productivity from the optimized resource alignment. They also gain predictability due to the complete transparency in their go-to-market motion.

Once this value is realized, a natural next step is to find additional opportunities to allow Fullcast to tame the complexity of go-to-market strategy and operations. Besides the sales team using other features such as quota management and coverage and capacity tracking, this can also be leveraging our Multi-Plan functionality to build and automate the rules for additional go-to-market plans. After all, while the sales and marketing teams have been using Fullcast for its automated go-to-market planning and operations, other teams are typically still stuck with highly manual versions of the same processes. Bringing additional plans into the app allows you to drive the same Fullcast benefits for other areas of the business.

We have seen this growth take place in several ways. Here are just two examples: 

Smoothing the Handover from Sales to Customer Success

This RevOps team uses Fullcast for territory planning and assignments for both sales and customer success. The segmentation lines and territory balancing criteria for sales and customer success are completely separate—each is tuned to the precise needs of prospects vs. customers. When an open opportunity reaches a certain likelihood of closing, the associated account is automatically flagged in the customer success plan to be assigned to a rep. This gives customer success team managers the ability to be proactive in managing workloads and ensure every new customer receives the absolute best service without unnecessary delays. 

Aligning Sales to Verticals and Customer Success to Product Mix

This RevOps team uses Fullcast for territory planning and assignments for both account executives and customer success managers. On the sales side, they sell into multiple verticals, which is reflected in their sales segmentation lines. On the customer success side, their product offerings are very diverse, requiring different support teams. Using Fullcast allows them to create sales rep territories based on company size and vertical while they use primarily product mix to create their customer success territories.

Getting Started with Multi-Plan

For existing customers interested in leveraging Multi-Plan, we offer comprehensive guidance on how to activate and make the most of this functionality. Our team is also ready to share best practices and use cases to help you optimize your planning processes.

The Future of Planning with Fullcast

As we look ahead, we’re committed to continuous improvement and expansion of the Multi-Plan functionality, guided by feedback from our user community. Your insights are invaluable as we strive to make Fullcast the most powerful and user-friendly GTM planning tool on the market.

We invite you to explore the new Multi-Plan functionality and see for yourself the difference it can make in your planning and execution. Contact our team or your CSM for more information or to request a demo. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your GTM strategies.

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